Extra Dry Grinding Lubricant

Save Time and Money with

Foxfire Dry Grinding Lubricant

Keeps your blades cleaner and running up to 20x longer

  • FOXFIRE™ increases productivity

  • Non-toxic and safe

  • Abrasives stay sharp much longer and cut faster

  • Time once spent changing discs or belts can be used for grinding

  • Abrasive inventories may be reduced

  • Available in Stick, Tube, and in bulk

  • Designed and produced in the USA

  • Backed by the ROGEN GUARANTEE


Please note: Because of our distributor agreements, quantities are

                 limited to 9 for direct from manufacturer purchases.


About Foxfire Grinding Lubricant

FOXFIRE™ is a revolutionary new grinding lubricant formulated to dramatically extend the life of abrasives and make grinding easier. FOXFIRE™ is a white, extra dry solid that is very clean to use. When applied to an abrasive surface, friction from grinding causes the FOXFIRE™ coating to melt, liquefy and act as a lubricant and release agent. Materials being ground do not load or clog cutting surfaces so abrasives run cooler and last longer. Unlike beeswax or petroleum-based products, FOXFIRE™ is not sticky and parts can be blown clean.


FOXFIRE™ works best for grinding aluminum or plastic, removing automotive paint, or any other material that can melt into or clog abrasive surfaces. Discs or belts treated with FOXFIRE™ last longer… up to twenty times longer when grinding aluminum. Abrasive wheel cut off blades treated with FOXFIRE™ cut aluminum like butter without build-up on the cutting wheel. FOXFIRE™ also extends the life of abrasives used to grind stainless steel and carbon steel and leaves no residue that can affect welds made after grinding. In addition, FOXFIRE™ works well on saw blades, taps, drill bits and many other applications where a lubricant or release agent is needed or liquid coolant cannot be used.


FOXFIRE™ also increases productivity. Abrasives stay sharp much longer and cut faster. Time once spent changing discs or belts can be used for grinding. When abrasives stay sharp, the amount of physical effort required to grind is reduced. Fresh workers are more productive and have fewer accidents. Even abrasive inventories may be reduced.

FOXFIRE™ is very safe to use. It is non-toxic, has a flashpoint of approximately 365 degrees F and will not burn without a wick. A copy of the material safety data sheet is available on request.


FOXFIRE™ is available in three sizes. The 5 oz. bar is ideal for small grinders, belt sanders, saw blades, taps, drill bits and for the home handyman. The 18 oz. tube is made for large belt sanders and is similar in size to most competitive tubes. The 1 lb. 12 oz. low profile tube is made for large hand grinders and is meant to be fastened to a table or benchtop. To receive a free sample bar of FOXFIRE™ call your local dealer or Rogen Corporation.